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Catholic Tradition is now able to offer a range of editorial design and production services for newspapers, magazines and other Catholic print media projects, as well as a new website building service for parishes, priests or Catholic organisations.

   We can provide sub-editing, design and page layout services, creating press-ready pages or publications on Quark Xpress.

   If you are an editor struggling with your deadlines, or if you have a special publications project in mind such as booklets, pamphlets or newsletters, please visit our dedicated website for further details of the services we have available.

   Rates start at £20 per hour for print production work and can be tailored to your individual commission, depending on the work involved. Expenses will also be charged, if any are incurred.

   Websites start from £195 for a blog, perhaps for a priest, but are also available for churches, parishes or online sales.

   Completed print work will normally be returned to you online via file transfer, such as Dropbox, or on a USB in the post if you prefer.

   Payment should be made for each commission directly either by bank transfer, your PayPal account or in Bitcoins. Cheques can be accepted, but only if they have been cleared in advance.

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